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Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) was established on December 29, 1978, which corresponds to the global phase of oil shortages. In the second oil crisis, PTT started its operation by supplying enough oil to meet the domestic demand. This heavy burden has encouraged PTT to seek additional domestic petroleum supply. As a result, Thailand is able to rely on its own energy resources. Reduce the loss of foreign currency is a lot. PTT has the revenue estimate 12 percent of Thailand’s GDP and 16 percent of the market capitalization of the stock exchange in Thailand. According to a survey by Fortune Magazine in 2012, PTT was ranked as the 95th largest company of the world’s 500 giants. In 2012, It is the state enterprise with the highest income of Thailand. Total revenue of 1,930,852 million Baht
PTT Public Company Limited is one of the leading energy concerns currently operating in Thailand. PTT is one of the largest publicly owned corporations operating in the country. The company’s core business involves oil and gas exploration and production, petrochemical product development and production, electricity production and the operation of retail gas stations. PTT maintains its primary headquarters in Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand. The company is led by Mr Tevin Vongvanich, who serves as both President and CEO. (PTTPLC, 2017)
  The history of PTT Public Company Limited started in 1978 by the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) was established after the oil crisis. Next 7 year, PTT has developed of exploration and production. In 1992, PTT pioneered the sale of “PTT Hi Octane Unleaded Gasoline”, the first unleaded gasoline brand in Thailand “PTT Performa 98” “PTT Performa Gold” and the next year PTT gained the largest market share of the retail oil business in Thailand. After that in 1997 Debt restructuring for refineries during Asia financial crisis. In 2001, privatization in the stock market and then PTT provided 7-Eleven convenience stores in PTT gas stations and launched the Cafe Amazon. In 2004, PTT gas stations were redesigned under the concept of greenery. In 2007, PTT gas stations were redesigned under the concept of “PTT Life Station,” PTT expanded its retail oil business through the acquisition of Jet/Jiffy. In 2016, PTT focused on New Business Opportunity. PTT has set up Express Solutions to search for new opportunities to make up for the expected decline in its conventional-energy business.
My internship position is research and development. I work on PTT Public Company Limited in the department of Express Solution (ExpressSo). PTT Express Solution is the department that finds a new opportunity, business for PTT Public Company Limited. ExpressSo finds a new business for PTT to join in the innovation. One half of the team is knowledgeable in engineering. The other half have the ability to manage the business. Then use the concept of Design Thinking (Lean Startup) to create a value for the user. This is a great way to reduce the amount of wasted resources. To experiment with new business ideas. PTT has devised a strategy, comprising “Do Now” for productivity improvement and “Decide Now” for extending the growth of its existing businesses, such as by expanding to the electricity value chain, LNG (liquefied natural gas) value chain and regional markets. (Strategy set as PTT, 2016) From my internship position I have to do a project for PTT. They have a lot of projects that I can choose to do. I choose to do Distributed energy (Banpu Infinergy) project. Banpu Infinergy is a comprehensive and professional service provider in solar power generation systems installation. They provide consultation, system design, installation, inspection and maintenance services for industries and large businesses seeking to cut their electricity costs and play a role in the sustainable preservation of our planet through renewable energy. I have to focus on Customer Empathy is separated into 2 types; residential and industrial. I have to find a target group and feedback from the target. By the way I have to launch a survey to make me understand insight information about the customer.
From working on PTT Express Solution (ExpressSo) it makes me work more efficiency system and got a lot of knowledge from here. Internship helps me to have a good attitude, mindset and time management. I have to work an Autonomy style of thinking and doing freely. Then look at the work. Make me think fast, make quick decisions. Quick To learn what is the most successful Failure to create a Learning Curve to the organization. My responsibilities are to apply design thinking to work, but do not focus on work processes alone, but it is the right mindset to work on innovation. Then take the tool to catch it more systematically. According to the working model of the ExpressSo.

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