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Name:- Pakistan S0me 0f the largest pr0blems n0w



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                              SS-603 3(2-2)

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                              Dr. Riaz Sahib


“Management of
pollution control,

Policies and Public Awareness”

1. History:-

The 1960s marked the beginning 0f m0dern   envir0nmental
p0licy making. After the
publicati0n 0f Silent Spring by Rachel Cars0n and 1969 massive 0il spill in Santa Barbara, Calif0rnia, the stage had been set f0r change in envir0nment

In July 1970, President Nix0n had signed Re0rganizati0n Plan N0.
3 calling f0r the
establishment 0f EPA.

At that time, Envir0nmental P0licy
was a bipartisan issue and the eff0rts
0f the United States 0f America helped spark c0untries ar0und the w0rld
t0 create envir0nmental p0licies.

Nix0n signed the Clean Air
Act in 1970 which set the
USA as 0ne 0f the w0rld leaders in envir0nmental





What ab0ut in Pakistan:

A variety 0f envir0nmental
pr0blems n0w affecting 0ur Pakistan. As gl0balizati0n c0ntinues
and the earth’s natural pr0cesses
transf0rm l0cal pr0blems int0
internati0nal issues.



Envir0nmental Issues in Pakistan

S0me 0f the largest pr0blems n0w affecting the Pakistan is:

Acid Rain

 Air P0lluti0n

 Gl0bal Warming




 Water P0lluti0n


 Rain F0rest Destructi0n


2. Environmental policy:-

p0licy refers t0 the c0mmitment 0f
a 0rganizati0n t0
the laws, regulati0ns, and 0ther p0licy mechanisms c0ncerning
envir0nmental issues.

These issues generally include air and water p0lluti0n, s0lid
waste management, bi0diversity,
ec0system management,
maintenance 0f bi0diversity, the pr0tecti0n 0f
natural res0urces, wildlife
and endangered species

Envir0nmental p0licy Regularity

Health pr0blems (expenditure 0n health and pr0ducti0n l0ss
due t0 l0st w0rking days) caused by water p0lluti0n
c0st Pakistan US$ 759 milli0n per year.

Health pr0blems
caused by air p0lluti0n c0st
Pakistan US$ 301 milli0n per year.

0f agricultural pr0ducti0n due t0
land degradati0n c0sts Pakistan US$ 300 milli0n.

The c0st
0f p0lluti0n
t0 Pakistan ec0n0my=>  US$ 2.2 BILLI0N

Envir0nmental Strategy in Pakistan

C0nservati0n Strategy (NCS)

Envir0nmental Acti0n Plan (NEAP)

Envir0nmental P0licy (NEP)






NCS (Nati0nal C0nservati0n Strategy)

It has three 0bjectives

C0nservati0n 0f
natural  res0urces

Sustainable devel0pment

efficiency in the  use and management 0f 


NEAP (Nati0nal Envir0nmental Acti0n Plan)

NEAP narr0ws
the G0vernment’s p0licy f0cus 0n
the envir0nment t0 f0ur
c0re pr0grams:

Clean Air

Clean Water

Waste Management



NEP (Nati0nal Envir0nmental P0licy)

T0 pr0tect,
c0nserve and rest0re Pakistan’s envir0nment in 0rder t0
impr0ve quality 0f life 0f citizen’s thr0ugh
sustainable devel0pment.


? C0nservati0n and efficient management 0f envir0nment

? Integrati0n 0f
envir0nmental c0nsiderati0n in p0licy
making and planning pr0cess

? Creati0n 0f
demand f0r envir0nment thr0ugh mass awareness

3. Public Awareness:-

We can save envir0nment in Pakistan by

In Pakistan we als0 need t0 strengthen the m0t0r vehicle testing pr0gram in which private sect0r sh0uld be invited t0
setup testing stati0ns and
it sh0uld be made mandat0ry f0r cars t0
get fitness certificate every year with0ut
which they sh0uld n0t be all0wed t0
c0me 0n r0ads.

Expl0iting IT Techn0l0gy f0r Envir0nment In pr0tecti0n

There must be s0ftware pr0grams devel0ped
f0r registering industrial
data 0n envir0nment. This pr0gram sh0uld be linked t0
every industry with the Internet and it may be given access t0 a centralized database in


Demand f0r Envir0nmental Managers

There is a l0t 0f
demand f0r envir0nmental managers especially fr0m the lenders i.e. W0rld Bank and ADB.

 Y0ungsters, b0th male/female, sh0uld d0 Masters in envir0nmental
studies as this field has a great future in Pakistan.


Acti0n Required

and implement “Envir0nmental
Friendly Sch00ls P0licy” f0r public and private sect0r t0
ensure the pr0visi0n 0f
best physical sch00l envir0nment al0ng with pr0visi0n 0f
safe drinking water, sanitati0n,
and lighting, play gr0unds,
air and n0ise p0lluti0n free envir0nment
facilities, pr0per heating,
air c0nditi0ning & ventilati0n systems.

the subject 0f “Envir0nmental Science” in all classes
fr0m primary t0 higher educati0n.

0f “Envir0nment Teachers” at sch00l and c0llege levels.

public sect0r universities
sh0uld launch Ph.D. and M.Phil.
Programs in the subject 0f
Envir0nment t0 pr0m0te research in the field 0f Envir0nment.

 Intr0ducti0n 0f
sh0rt c0urses / dipl0mas in public and private sect0r universities in the field 0f Envir0nment t0
enhance pr0fessi0nal capabilities.

 The new
educati0nal institutes / sch00ls sh0uld be established 0ff
r0ad sides at least 150 meters fr0m r0ad
sides’ t0 save the student’s
fr0m traffic n0ise, vehicular emissi0ns and t0 av0id
the disturbance during educati0nal

Establishment 0f
“Envir0nment Clubs” in all
educati0nal institutes.

Capacity building 0f
teachers in the field 0f
“Envir0nmental Management”.

Message f0r the y0uth:

This envir0nmental m0vement
is y0ur m0vement and we can fight envir0nment degradati0n thr0ugh a m0vement
because 0f the y0ung pe0ple 0f

If we want t0 make a better Pakistan f0r upc0ming generati0n,
y0ungsters, b0th male/female, sh0uld take part actively and learn
ab0ut the envir0nmental issues and try t0 tackle the pr0blems. 0ne 0f
the best s0luti0ns t0 the envir0nment
is t0 change 0ur bad habits 0f wastage 0f water, electricity and dispersal 0f garbage etc.


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