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Key comparative analysis” The study found that both

Key Issues in India-China Relation

Here are some of the key issues in Geopolitical relationship of India and China which motivated me to study this topic and make this report. 

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Border dispute of India and China
China has no formal declaration that it recognizes Sikkim as on India territory.
Tilling military balance on border.
Dispute against Line of Actual control, and Chinese volatile northeast.
According to Indian government “Pakistan as the root cause of deficit rust between the two countries
Nuclear proliferation and Military competition is another importance cause of bad relationship.
Chinese plans to divert Tibet’s rivers to irrigate China. 

Existing scholarly work in the field

Literature Reviews 

Singh Y., Bhatnagar A. (2011), “FDI in India and China; A comparative analysis”
The study found that both enjoys healthy rates of economic growth but FDI inflow in china is higher than India.

John W. (2010), “China’s FDI and non-FDI economies and the sustainability of future high Chinese growth” , this study found that foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs), enterprises account for over 50% of China’s exports and 60% of China’s imports. Their share in Chinese GDP has been over 20% in the last two years, but they employ only 3% of the workforce, since their average labor productivity exceeds that of Non-FIEs by around 9:1.

Wu Yanrui, Zhou Zhangyue (2006), “Changing bilateral trade between China and India”. In this article the author focuses on the major trends of changes in the bilateral trade between the two countries. The study explores issues associated with trade intensity, intra-industry trade and comparative advantages in the two countries. 

Bhattacharya, S.N., Bhattacharya B.N. (2007), “Gains and Losses of India-China Trade Cooperation: A Gravity model impact analysis”. In this working paper the authors have revealed the trade intensity indices of India and China and significantly identify the trade potential between both the countries. 

Tseng W, Cowen D. (2005), “India’s and China’s Recent Experience with Reform and Growth”. Through this book the authors try to portray the structural change in trade regime of India and China since their liberalisation. The book provides a view of the effect of changes in reforms, on the banking and financial sector, trade relations and econ


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