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If you are living and rely on food

If you are living and rely on food as a source of maintaining a healthy lifestyle chances are you have heard of the term “FDA.” The FDA or the Food Drug Administration is a group funded by the government to keep the people of the United States healthy and free of disease. Some may state they do not see how the FDA affects the lives of U.S. citizens but there is a meaning behind the approved foods we are offered. While the FDA is in place to keep us safe it is possible you have still consumed some sort of insect fragment or feces such as mouse droppings. Many of the foods we consume are grown and handled outdoors, meaning, they are vulnerable to any insect or rodent wanting to come its way. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for public health. They are the official government agency that ensures our food and drug supply is safe and happy. Their headquarters are located in unincorporated White Oak, Maryland(Wiki). There is more than one job the FDA is responsible for including drugs, biologics, medical devices, electronic products, cosmetics, vet products, and tobacco products. The term “FDA Approval” means that the FDA has decided the benefits of the approved item outweigh the potential health risks for the item’s planned use. This meaning anything you eat has more good things in it then bad so it cannot hurt you. The history of the FDA can be traced to the United States Department of Ags Division of Chemistry(Wiki). An expert committee develops and applies an evidence-based conceptual model and methods to rank product categories.     Now, the Federal Drug Administration gets very strict when it comes to investigating stores that are potentially not meeting the Food and Administration rules. The FDA will completely shut down a drug store, for this reason, causing patients to be left without the medications they need. There is talk that cancer patients have been left without their medications because of the FDA performing these intense actions. The FDA also makes drugs extremely expensive making it hard for people receive the drugs they need.Next, the FDA is allowed to approve foods that contain insect fragments or small portions of animal feces. The FDA states: “It is impractical to grow, harvest, or process raw products that are totally free of non-hazardous, naturally occurring, unavoidable defects”(CBSnews).  Foods containing insect fragments or feces include canned mushrooms (containing maggots), peanut butter (containing rodent hair and insect parts), cinnamon bark, bay leaves, and cocoa beans (containing animal feces), tomato sauce (containing fruit fly maggots), and fish (containing parasites). Surely many people do not think about these things, and it is automatically assumed that if the food is packaged, it is clean and one-hundred percent safe and ready to eat. FDA approved food is safe to consume but that does not mean there is not still microscopic things hiding within it.    Peanut butter is one of the most common foods to be eaten, especially by children. The average American child eats 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches per year. In 2017 289.7 billion Americans consumed peanut butter(Statista). There are thirty insect fragments per one-hundred grams of peanut butter. There is also one or more hairs per one-hundred grams of peanut butter (Buzzfeed). Another extremely common food to be eaten is chocolate.  That delicious substance that you put in a s’more while at a bonfire or receive while enjoying your time out trick or treating contains sixty percent insect fragments per one-hundred grams. On average Americans consume over eleven pounds of chocolate per year, this is far less than what Europeans consume which is 19.6 pounds per year.    Many of the foods we consume are grown and handled outdoors, meaning, they are vulnerable to any insect or rodent wanting to come its way. The FDA puts in place pesticides, that are not harmful to humans, in order to try to keep away as many bugs as possible. With poor manufacturing practices it is possible for foods to come out contaminated or with more insect parts then what is labeled as “approved”, but with the correct practice and training, the person withholding this extremely important job, will ensure the food is safe to eat.    In conclusion, the FDA is extremely important in our day-to-day lives. Everything they do slips right past our busy days with no acknowledgement. Without them, there is no telling what we could possibly be consuming in our food. There are small things that could wind up in our food that are frankly, quite disgusting, but we have to look at the positives, it is not that bad. Foods are taken care of and grown as best as possible to ensure the safety of the consumer. Drugs are kept track of and maintained as best as possible too. They take care of so much more than what they are most commonly known for; food. We should appreciate everything the FDA does in keeping humans as healthy as they physically can.            


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