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If hobby, it is mypassion. Not only that,

If there is one thing that has always been there for me no matter what I amgoing through, it is dance. To me, dance is more than just a hobby, it is mypassion. Not only that, but dance is the one place where I can escape and bemyself. In dance, I do not need to pretend in order to please others, I canjust be myself and it is good enough. I have been dancing ever since the age ofthree and I have absolutely loved every second of it. I love how I can walkinto the dance studio and leave all my troubles behind. During dance class, Ido not have to worry about a Calculus quiz or a History project. All I have toworry about is not hitting the girl next to me on the barre while we are doinggrand battements.Dancing has opened so many doors, not only with the performance aspect, but aswell as personality wise. Dancing has made me a stronger person, a morepassionate person, and a hard-worker. Throughout my experience as a dancer, Ihave learned how to love. Not the kind of love that you feel towards anotherhuman being, no, this love is greater. This love is the kind where you cannotlive without this specific thing and no matter how hard you may try, it willnot vacate your mind. Everyday I constantly think about going to dance thatnight, I mentally countdown the hours until my mother drops me off.Continuously going over the combination we learned the previous weekimpatiently waiting. When I am at the dance studio, I hope that time does notfly by.Over the past fifteen years, dance has taught me one valuable lesson; topersevere. In dance, there is no such thing as giving up or slacking off,everyday at practice or in class you must push yourself. If there was a dancemove I could not master or technique I needed to work on, I pushed myself thevery next day in order to accomplish the task.Nothing will ever compare to the feeling I get when I am performing. In thosetwo minutes of dancing, I feel alive! I love how I can use my body to convey acertain message whether it may be cheerful or doleful. The way I am able tocompletely give myself to the movement and audience provides me with the mostincredible feeling. It is this feeling with the music that inspires me everydayto continue my passion.I dance because there is absolutely no other thing in the world that can makeme happy. Dance has and always will be there for me and I know in my heart thatI can always count on it. Through thick and thin, no matter what curve balllife may through at me, I know that dance will always have my back.


I'm Mack!

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