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Green” existence. Global climate change is a huge

Green” technologies have become a big topic in recent years. With the effects of global climate change being more prominent than ever and competition for fossil fuels on the rise, it is no surprise that a lot of focus has been put into renewable energy. Renewable energy is good for a number of reasons. In the practical sense, it doesn’t deplete non-renewable energy sources we tend to rely on, such as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels refer to coal, oil, and natural gas. As their name suggests, they are actually created from dead organisms. Under certain environmental circumstances, some organic remains formed into fossil fuels after millions of years. As one may imagine, this multi-million-year process is not something we can just create in a lab. In other words, we have no way of creating any more on our own. There is a finite amount of the substances available, and we have no way to replace what we’ve taken. If we continue to completely rely off of these continuously depleting resources without any sort of alternative energy source, we will simply run out. How big of a problem would this be with our current systems in place? Well, according the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), fossil fuels take up over 80% of American energy demands. A shortage of fossil fuels would devastate our livelihood. This can mean that we no longer have a way to heat homes or power transportation. This is also not the kind of switch a nation could just make overnight. Running out of a power source is currently the least of our problems though. Many studies have shown how the use of fossil fuels negatively impacts the environment. The principal concern of fossil fuels is global climate change. In order for someone to use a fossil fuel, you have to burn it. Burning these fuels releases toxic substances into the atmosphere, contributing to greenhouse gasses. When greenhouse gasses build up, they create an invisible, insulating “blanket” around the planet. This phenomenon interferes with normal weather patterns. This is what people are referring to when they talk about global climate change. Although there are an alarming number of people who try to deny climate change, scientific evidence highly supports its existence. Global climate change is a huge problem. Our earth is experiencing extreme weather conditions, melting glaciers, and abnormalities in ocean chemistry. These problems are well beyond some slight temperature changes. All of these changes have cascading effects that can directly impact everything from environmental biodiversity to human safety. You don’t have to be a researcher to observe these changes. Maybe you have noticed the harsher seasons or the sharp increase in natural disasters in the last few years. These changes are only expected to increase as the years go on, and this can mark trouble for humanity as we know it. Cutting back our reliance on fossil fuels will cut back on the amount our nation contributes to these greenhouse gasses. Alternative energy sources, such as wind turbines or hydraulic systems, are available. In fact, a number of other industrialized nations have adopted these energy sources. Germany, for example, produces up to 85% of all its electricity using renewable resources. Sweden is in the process of phasing out fossil fuels completely. These renewable energy sources are healthier, unlimited, better for the environment, and possible. Why is the U.S. still falling behind with green energy compared to other first world nations?Unfortunately, making the transition over to renewable energy sources is a very involved process. It involves a lot of corporation that we just aren’t getting anymore, especially with our current administration. These other countries have made the health of the earth a higher priority. Other nations have done their part to enforce stricter pollution laws or encourage green activities. Paris even organized a piece of legislation in efforts to bring all nations together to address global climate change.  In fact, the United States still remains the only country that has refused to sign this  Paris Climate Agreement. Why would a country refuse to support a world-saving initiative?  Money. President Trump has expressed concern that making the changes to save the environment may pose some inconveniences for some businesses. Going green is something that could serve as an obstacle for large companies or developers. Making these changes is going to take some time and money that not everyone may be in support of. This switch will not devastate the economy. Even if it may make things a bit harder for company owners, this should not mean that their inconvenience is worth keeping the planet in jeopardy. If we keep this up, we won’t have a planet anymore. It is ridiculous that we live in a nation where money is held at a higher concern than the health of our planet. The administration needs to get their priorities straight, so we can tackle some bigger problems. Sure, we are only one country, but we can make a huge impact.Addressing global climate change should be a global effort. We all have a responsibility for trying to limit further damage to the planet. Sure, we are just one country, but we are big enough that our failure to cooperate can have some serious consequences. We need to step up and start doing our part.Things may be going okay for now, but if we continue doing as we do, catastrophe is inevitable. The United States really needs to start investing into clean energy and thinking about the future of the world. This planet does not belong to one singular race or generation, and it is important that we do what we can to help save the earth for everyone. ”We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”


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