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A popular hobby all over the world has become watching Netflix. Netflix is an online service that provides members a flexible way to watch television shows and movies for a low fee every month. Members can watch any show at any time, as long as it is on Netflix. The simple act of turning on the TV and watching your show of choice through the Netflix app brings millions of people joy each day. There are a few different types of ways people watch Netflix,  people who rarely watch, people who watch a couple times a week, and the people who are addicted and binge watch their shows every day and night.   The first type of viewer is the not-so-often watcher. This person most likely chose the least expensive Netflix plan. They are usually so busy with their everyday life that they never really have time to plop down in front of the TV for a few episodes or a short movie. The not-so-often watcher only watches Netflix on rare occasions, like a sick day or in a blue moon. This person may even go a few months without paying their Netflix bill and not even notice. The Netflix app feels neglected on their television, but it rests easy at night knowing it is still loved. Next, is the weekly watcher. The weekly watcher has a show or two that they are pretty passionate about. They watch about an episode or two per week of their favorite show. And when they finish that, they are on to the next hot show that their best friend recommended. The weekly watcher schedules their week perfectly to ensure that they get their special TV time. If they miss their scheduled TV it doesn’t bother them too much because they know they will survive until the next week. These people usually invite their friends over to spend time with them and watch some Netflix. Finally, the binge watcher. The binge watcher’s couch is most likely is covered in crumbs and has an imprint from sitting in their favorite spot for hours on end watching Netflix. The binge watcher has an unhealthy obsession with watching Netflix. If they miss a day of watching Netflix, their body will shut down and they will start having NAWs (Netflix Addiction Withdrawals). Their electricity bill is pretty high from the TV never being shut off. They have watched all of the popular TV shows and movies that they have to rewatch them over and over again. The binge watcher’s family and friends joke and say that they need to get some fresh air or even cancel their subscription. The binge watcher is probably pale from never seeing sunlight. The really hardcore binge watchers will even watch Netflix on their phone while driving. Which is not smart, dangerous, and illegal. There are different types of ways to watch Netflix. No matter how someone decides to enjoy their shows, they all have one thing in common: the love for Netflix. If someone is a not-so-often watcher, a weekly watcher, or a big bad binge watcher sit down and enjoy a few episodes with them, they will appreciate it greatly.


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